The 30-day meal plan you didn’t know you needed

30 days of 30 meals
Tired of trying to decide what to cook for dinner? We’ve got you covered this November with our one-month dinner menu, complete with a few sweet treats along the way!

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Week 1
Day 1 Monday

Start the month with a hearty meal, with this tasty one-pan cheesy chorizo chicken.


Day 2 Tuesday

For a light summer meal with Mexican flavours, try these spicy beef quesadillas.

Day 3 Wednesday

This creamy garlic chicken and pancetta pasta is the quick comfort food you need.


Day 4 Thursday

Cook these delicious roasted pork chops with tarragon mustard sauce in under 30 minutes.

Roasted pork chops mustard sauce Easy Food

Day 5 Friday

For a meat-free meal, try this hearty creamy leek and kale lasagne.


Day 6 Saturday

Looking for something special this weekend? This rich and sticky Chinese braised pork belly is easier than you might think.

Chinese braised pork belly

Day 7 Sunday

Bake this light creamy cheese and leek pie for the family this Sunday.


End week one on a high note with this deliciously rich chocolate and caramel tart.

Chocolate and caramel tart

Interested in receiving a monthly menu like this in your inbox? Sign up for our mailing list today!

Week 2
Day 8 Monday

Start the week with something easy: this quick Margherita pizza.

Quick Margherita pizza Easy Food

Day 9 Tuesday

This chicken, mushroom and spinach pasta bake is a hearty meal the whole family will enjoy.

Chicken mushroom and spinach pasta bake

Day 10 Wednesday

For a flavour-packed healthy meal, whip up this harissa salmon with warm chickpea salad.

Harissa salmon with warm chickpea salad Easy Food

Day 11 Thursday

You’re sure to love this easy-to-make ravioli lasagne.

Ravioli lasagne

Day 12 Friday

Entertain guests with style by making with this Italian-stuffed chicken.

Italian-stuffed chicken | Easy Food

Day 13 Saturday

This all-in-one lemon chicken is the perfect family meal.

All-in-one lemon chicken_easyfood

Day 14 Sunday

For classic Sunday comfort food, try this bacon and broccoli mac ‘n’ cheese.

Bacon broccoli mac and cheese. Easy Food


End your week by digging into these sweet and simple mocha cheesecake pots.

mocha cheesecake pots

Day 15 Monday

Start the week with easy classic chicken fajitas.

Classic chicken fajitas | Easy Food

Day 16 Tuesday

For classic meatballs with a twist, try these slow-cooked chorizo meatballs.

slow cooked chorizo meatballs

Day 17 Wednesday

Take it easy midweek with this baked fish rarebit.

Baked fish rarebit Easy Food

Day 18 Thursday

This paneer masala is a gorgeous meat-free alternative to a chicken curry.

Paneer Masala slow cooker Easy Food

Day 19 Friday

For fiery flavours in a flash, try this Thai fish curry.

Thai fish curry Easy Food

Day 20 Saturday

This squash, sage, bacon and ricotta lasagne is a meal that the whole family will love.

Squash, lasagne, alternative, family meal

Day 21 Sunday

Take it easy this Sunday with this slow-cooked shepherd’s pie with garlic mash.

slow-cooked shepherds pie with garlic mash EASY FOOD


A special treat for grown ups! You’ll love these Baileys triple chocolate trifles.

baileys triple chocolate trifles

Day 22 Monday

For a nice healthy start to the week, try this easy lemon and honey chicken stir-fry.

honey and lemon chicken stir-fry

Day 23 Tuesday

Make your day a little more exciting with this beef with green pepper in black bean sauce.

Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce Easy Food

Day 24 Wednesday

Boost your brainpower with these delicious fish tikka flatbreads.

Fish tikka flatbreads Irish yoghurt wordpress

Day 25 Thursday

This hearty Hungarian goulash is the perfect comfort food.

Hungarian goulash Easy Food

Day 26 Friday

These amazing brioche steak sandwiches with Gruyère are ideal Friday night fare.

Brioche steak sandwiches with Gruyere Easy Food

Day 27 Saturday

For a no-fuss weekend meal, try these chicken gyros.

chicken gyros

Day 28 Sunday

Fancy something special this Sunday? Try this salmon with Dijon sauce and crispy crumbs.

Dijon salmon and potatoes Easy Food


This raspberry fool is a great easy to make dessert.

Raspberry fool Easy Food

Day 29 Monday

Start the week on a high note with this healthy chicken tikka masala.

Healthy chicken tikka masala Easy Food

Day 30 Tuesday

Dinner will be the highlight of your day with this stout-glazed salmon with garlic chive mash.

Stout-glazed salmon with garlic chive mash Easy Food


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