30 quick and easy recipes for a healthy 2021


    Summer is traditionally the season for committing to a healthier lifestyle, and that can come in many different forms, whether it means being more active, eating more nutritious foods or simply taking more time for yourself.

    Instead of bullying you into healthy eating, or even dieting — which you’ll see a lot of this month — we’d encourage people to just be more aware of the food you’re eating, something that comes naturally when you start cooking your own meals from scratch.

    One notion people seem to take from these resolutions is that being “healthy” has to mean that your food is boring, flavourless and generally bland.

    This really doesn’t have to be the case, and we’ve carefully chosen quick and easy recipes packed with vegetables, seasoning and spices that will really add some brilliant flavour to your meals.

    In order for your healthy eating goals to become sustainable, lasting habits, the most important factor is that you actually enjoy the foods you’re eating — so we’ve picked 31 of the tastiest, healthiest, most convenient meals to get you on the right path for 2021.

    1. Korean chicken taco 

    Bursting with Asian flavours, these Korean-style tacos with a simple siracha slaw are bound to become a new warmer weather favourite.


    2. Moroccan chickpea soup

    The perfect spicy, fibre-rich soup for dreary and drizzly January evenings.

    Moroccan chicken soup Easy Food

    3. Mint and yoghurt lamb chops with mash

    Something a little different if you’re feeling adventurous — super easy to make too!

    lamb chops with yoghurt and mint

    4. Cauliflower Bolognese 

    Trying to reduce your meat intake but don’t know how to make it tasty? Here you go!

    Cauliflower_Bolognese Easy Food

    5. Smoked salmon tartare

    Perfect for a light lunch, or if you’re having friends over and want to make an impressive looking (and tasting) snack.

    Smoked salmon tartare Easy Food

    6. Soy-glazed chicken with rice

    Another really easy dish to prepare if you’ve had a long day at the office and need something quick.

    Chicken fried rice Easy Food

    7. Easy fish stew 

    We just love stews. This is a brilliant, hearty option for cold January evenings — and it keeps well, so you can easily make a batch to last you a few days.

    Easy fish stew

    8. Turkey kofta curry 

    Bored of chicken? Try turkey; it’s packed with protein and this kofta curry recipe is one of our favourites!

    Turkey kofta curry

    9. Stuffed tomatoes

    Perfect for lunches or a light evening meal — and bursting with flavour, too!

    Quinoa-stuffed tomatoes | Easy Food

    10. Thai red curry salmon burgers with mango avocado salsa 

    The perfect way to give your salmon fillets a taste upgrade.

    Thai salmon burgers Easy Food

    11. Chicken, leek and sweet potato pie 

    Full of flavour, requires minimal prep time and cost effective, too. What else do you need?

    Chicken, leek, sweet potato, pie,

    12. Pork chops with black pudding and apple sauce 

    If the thoughts of this flavour combination has your mouth watering, you’re absolutely right — it’s delicious. Fine dining at home.

    Pork chops with black pudding and apple sauce Easy Food

    13. Asian prawn and spring onion frittata 

    Frittatas are new omelettes for 2021, get on it. Quick, convenient and über tasty.

    Asian prawn frittata Easy Food

    14. Tuna and sun-dried tomato pasta

    Tuna and pasta doesn’t have to mean bland and boring.

    Tuna and sundried tomato pasta Easy Food

    15. Thai turkey burgers with Asian slaw

    Craving a burger but don’t want all the calories? This Thai-style turkey burger is just the thing! Serve with oven-roasted chips and you’ll have the healthiest tasty fakeaway there is!



    16. Chicken and chorizo paella 

    Make it for dinner and then keep the leftovers for lunch the next day. Simples.

    Chicken and chorizo paella Easy Food

    17. Smoked salmon and kale frittata 

    Yes, another frittata. You can never have too many frittata recipes in your life.

    Salmon and kale frittata Easy Food

    18. Spaghetti with bacon, tomato and corn 

    Not a conventional pasta dish, but quite light and a great way to get extra vegetables in. Let your tastebuds pretend it’s summer…

    Spaghetti with bacon, tomatoes and corn Easy Food

    19. Healthy steak dinner

    Steak, sweet potato and broccoli has never been so full of flavours.

    Healthy steak dinner | Easy Food

    20. Cheesy fish pie

    We’re back on that alternative pie buzz. Cheese on everything please.

    Cheesy fish pie Easy Food

    21. Honey cashew chicken stir-fry

    Another flavoursome stir-fry option that’s a definite winner if you’re having guests over.

    Honey chicken cashew stirfry Easy Food

    22. Warm potato, chorizo and egg salad

    Chorizo and egg and potato makes salad seem a little bit less grim. You do make friends with salad after all.

    Chorizo and egg salad Easy Food

    23. Tapas frittata

    Another frittata, you say. Absolutely, we say. This is a great one if you offer to make a brunch at home instead of going out for it. It’s January after all — have to look after the pennies.

    Tapas frittata Easy Food

    24. Meatloaf

    ‘Cause we would do anything for love.

    Meatloaf Easy Food

    25. Falafels

    Love falafels and have always wondered how to make them? Here’s our best and easiest recipe. Perfect for lunch, for dinner, for anytime in between.

    Hearty falafel salad Easy Food

    26. Thai fishcakes

    Fishcakes are never not a good idea — and easier to prepare and make than you think.

    Quick Asian fishcakes Easy Food

    27. Mongolian beef

    One of the best beef dishes on the list — the flavours in this are amazing!

    Mongolian beef Easy Food

    28. Baked coconut curry cod 

    We love the texture that coconut milk add to a curry, and the fish keeps it light.

    Baked coconut curry cod | Easy Food

    29. Curried meatballs

    Meatballs and curry mightn’t seem like a typical match — but it’s one that works.

    Curried meatballs Easy Food

    30. Lemon honey chicken stir-fry

    Living for that sour and sweet combo. Add it to your collection of tasty stir-fry offerings.

    Lemon chicken stir-fry Easy Food

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