25 perfect party food ideas

By easyFood

05 December 2018

No party host wants to spend time trapped in the kitchen while guests are having all the fun!

The trick? Choose easy-to-assemble recipes that don’t need much cooking or prep time. These simple hand-held nibbles are fuss-free and guaranteed to keep everyone at the party satisfied, leaving you with more time to mingle!

1 Prosciutto and mozzarella bites

Prosciutto bites

2 Chilli and lime crab vol-au-vent

Chill lime crab vol-au-vents Easy Food

3 Peach and blue cheese bruschetta

Peach and blue cheese bruschetta Easy Food

4 Mushroom and Parmesan pinwheels

Mushroom Parmesan pinwheels Easy Food

5 3 ways with flatbreads

3 ways with flatbreads

6 Cheesy veggie sausage rolls

Cheese rolls

7 Crunchy coleslaw

Crunchy coleslaw Easy Food

8 Garlic-stuffed mushrooms

Garlic-stuffed mushrooms Easy Food

9 Mediterranean stuffed sweet potatoes with crispy chickpeas

Mediterranean stuffed sweet potatoes with crispy chickpeas

10 Mushroom and leek flatbreads

Mushroom and leek flatbreads Easy Food

11 Simple veggie skewers

Veggie skewers Easy Food

12 Blue cheese and roasted grape crostini

Blue cheese and roasted grape crostini Easy Food

13 Classic prawn cocktail

Classic prawn cocktail Easy Food

14 Spicy prawn and guacamole cones

Prawn and guac cones edited

15 Mushroom and leek flatbreads with runny eggs

Mushroom and leek flatbreads Easy Food

16 Smoked salmon potato bites

Smoked salmon potato bites Easy Food

17 Chocolate bark

Chocolate bark Easy Food

18 Loaded egg-in-a-nest

Loaded Egg in nest. Easy Food

19  Wasabi and avocado prawns

Wasabi avocado prawns Easy Food

20 Caprese dipCaprese dip Easy Food

21 Peach and almond tart

Peach and almond tart Easy Food

22 Pork and peach skewers with harissa and honey

Pork and peach skewers Easy Food

23 Turkey, stuffing and cranberry crackers

Turkey stuffing and cranberry crackers

24 Tear-and-share Christmas treeTear and share Christmas tree

25 Vegetarian pigs in blankets

Vegetarian pigs in blankets