With summertime upon us and the warm weather making us crave a sweet treat that’s lighter on the waistline, why not try out some of these surprisingly healthy desserts? They are perfect to make with the kids and a great way to keep your sugar intake down.

Fruit-based creations

Feeling fruity? Check out one of these colourful creations…

Fruity Sticks with Apple Berry Dip

Fruity sticks with apple berry dip

Fruity sticks with apple berry dip

Sautéed summer fruits with honeyed mascarpone

Mini mascarpone berry cakes

Fairy fruit wands

Healthy citrus ‘ice cream’ floats

Healthy citrus ice cream floats | Easy Food

Healthy citrus ‘ice cream’ floats

Strawberry fruit salad with honey yoghurt

Marinated strawberries with basil and lime 

BBQ plums with lemon mascarpone


Chocolate desserts

When you’re in the mood for something that feels a little more decadent, try one of the tasty treats below.

Three ingredient chocolate pots

Three ingredient chocolate pots

Chocolate mousse 

Crunchy quinoa dark chocolate bark

Quinoa Dark Chocolate Bark

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Three-ingredient chocolate pots

Frozen dark chocolate banana bites

Wholemeal desserts

You gotta get that fibre in! These wholemeal and wholegrain desserts are kind to your digestive system and keep you full for longer.

Strawberry_Crepes_Easy Food

Strawberry yoghurt wholemeal crêpes

Strawberry yoghurt wholemeal crêpes

Baked berry chocolate oats

Strawberry berry nut crumble