Essential Oils: Our go-to guide to cooking with oil

Unsure what the difference is between rapeseed oil and extra-virgin olive oil? Are you at a loss when it comes to deciding between an oil for salads versus an oil for sauces? We’ve got you covered! In this article, our test kitchen team breaks things down, once and for all. Toasted sesame oil Made from […]

How to choose the best stand mixer: Test Kitchen Review

Love baking at home, but not sure what equipment to invest in? Read on as our Test Kitchen team discuss one of our best-loved kitchen gadgets – the stand mixer – to help you decide! What is it? A stand mixer is a heavy-duty electric mixer attached to a stand that sits on a countertop. […]

The easyFood guide to baking with pastry

The perfect pastry is a fine art! Whether it’s a pie or a Danish with your coffee, when pastry is done right, it can be a little slice of heaven. There are several types of pastry out there, including shortcrust, puff, choux and filo. It can be intimidating, but we’re here to break down the […]

Worldly ingredients that are cheaper than you think

One of our favourite aspects of eating out is getting to taste and enjoy flavours from all over the world. Whether you’re opting for a classic Indian dinner or a Korean barbecue fusion-style meal, there are plenty of cuisines to explore. However, as we know, eating out isn’t cheap – especially in this cost of […]

Foodie hacks on how to cope with the cost of living crisis

There is no escaping the cost of living crisis sweeping this side of the world right now. To help reduce your kitchen costs and cut back on your weekly grocery bill, we’re sharing some foolproof tips and tricks which every foodie should have up their sleeve. Never go to the supermarket hungry An old wives […]

Top tips for making delicious homemade soup

Soup is one of the most versatile and nutritious dishes when made correctly – a quick, hot meal that offers plenty of health benefits. Good soups include fresh, low-fat ingredients and a minimum of salt and extra fat. Soup can be a rich source of many vitamins, and those made with beans or lentils provide […]

Our top tips for working with gelatine

Gelatine is a versatile setting agent used in both sweet and savoury cooking – in everything from souffles to mousses. Here’s the inside scoop on working with gelatine, so it’s anything but risky business. What is gelatine? Gelatine is derived from animal collagen and is used to set desserts like panna cotta, marshmallows or fruit […]

Here’s all you need to know to make perfect meringue!

Our Test Kitchen dishes on the best meringue recipe, plus easy ways to make it your own! The ultimate meringue mix Use the tips we have here to help make all your meringue treats perfect every time! Test kitchen tips  Go slowly and be patient when adding the sugar to the egg whites. Each tablespoon […]

Chocolate tips, tricks and recipes — oh my!

Chocolate starts as cacao beans that are fermented, dried, roasted and ground up. This is melted into “chocolate liquor”, which is then separated into two parts: non-fat cocoa solids and fatty cocoa butter. The cocoa solids (along with sugar and maybe some milk) are the basis for chocolate bars, while the cocoa butter might also […]

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about your greens this season.

Lettuce Lessons: Get to know your salad leaves and when best to use them. Iceberg lettuce: Crisp and refreshing, iceberg lettuce has pale green leaves and grows in cabbage-like bulbs. Iceberg is perfect for adding crunch to burgers and sandwiches. Little gem: This miniature variety of romaine lettuce looks similar to its larger relative, but […]