We can feel the craving for French cooking as Bastille Day approaches. And, as much as we love sharing quick and hearty weeknight dinners with you, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share some of our favourite oh-so-fancy French desserts! The best part is that these are decidedly easier to make than they may look. Let’s all channel our best Julia Childs and try one of these impressive and elegant French treats!

Crème brûlée

Would you believe you could make this iconic dessert with only five ingredients? Just make sure to watch it when its under the grill, as the sugar on top is quick to burn!

Pistachio macaroons

pistachio macaronsThere is no end to the flavours you can add to this delicate dessert! Check out out vegan coconut or Baileys chocolate
macaroons to really put a spin on them.

Banana tarte tatin with salted caramel ice cream

Banana tarte tatin Easy FoodSweet and salty come together seamlessly in this tropical spin on the classic dessert, usually made with apples. Serve with vanilla bean or salted caramel icing for la pièce de résistance

Easy strawberry millefeuille

Easy strawberry millefuille | Easy FoodMille feuille
translates to “a thousand sheets”, so its no wonder this towering dessert — also sometimes known as a Napoleon — is a dessert to behold! We turn to trusty store-bought puff pastry to create this perfect pâtissierie at home.

Peach and blueberry galette

Peach_Blueberry_Galette_Easy FoodA galette is all the best parts of a pie, with no blind baking or fancy crust crimping required! This rustic dessert is lovely with either sweet or savoury fillings; try our sweet potato or mixed berry
galettes for something new.

Want to check out more French-inspired dishes? We’ve got a whole collection you can see here!

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