As summer days give way to the cool embrace of autumn, our taste buds long for something heartwarming, with a hint of summer flavours. Dive into this specially curated week-long meal plan, ensuring you get the best of both seasons. No more daily dinner dilemmas – just a delightful culinary journey from Monday to Sunday!

Monday: Parsnip, Carrot & Chickpea Curry

Embrace the beginnings of cooler nights with this hearty curry. A wholesome blend of root veggies and chickpeas, this curry, infused with flavour, will help beat those Monday blues.

Tuesday: Slow-Cooker Italian Meatballs

As the workweek starts to weigh down, let the slow cooker take over. Savour rich and aromatic Italian meatballs – a stress-free treat for a busy Tuesday evening.

Wednesday: Ginger and Prawn Fried Rice

Zesty ginger and juicy prawns keep the summer vibes alive in this flavour-packed dish. Recharge your midweek mood with this tantalising fried-rice.

Thursday: Warm Smoked Fish Salad with Pancetta and Poached Eggs

Warm smoked fish salad with pancetta and poached eggs recipe banner image

Light and vibrant, this smoked fish salad is a perfect balance of comfort and nourishment. It’s the ideal dish to ease into the weekend mood, adding a hint of indulgence to your Thursday.

Friday: Veggie Ramen

Celebrate Friday’s arrival with this veggie-packed ramen. Bursting with fresh ingredients, it’s a hearty bowl that guarantees a delightful start to your weekend.

Saturday: Spicy Pork Noodles

Spicy pork noodles

Saturday dinners call for a bit of spice! These zesty pork noodles will add that much-needed flair to your weekend, ensuring every bite is a fiesta.

Sunday: Honey Balsamic Chicken Traybake

Conclude the week with a classic. The sweet and tangy honey-balsamic glaze complements the succulent chicken, making this traybake the star of your Sunday dinner table.

Dessert: Chocolate Banana Bread

What’s a weekend without a hint of decadence? This rich chocolate banana bread is the dessert you deserve. Pair it with a cuppa for that perfect weekend treat.

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