There is nothing better than bringing out a cocktail for a picnic, barbecue or dinner party — you get to show off your skills and create a memorable experience for your guests. Plus, it’ll save you a fortune when you’re not shelling out €12 for a cocktail! No matter what sort of liquor you’ve got in your cupboard, we’re sure there is something here for you to make a signature drink at home, all while saving a few bob!

Make in batches

One of the most efficient ways to make cocktails is in batches; not only does it save you time when you’re not making each one individually, it means you can make sure to utilise all of the ingredients you have on hand to get the most out of them — no more running out of limes or liquour halfway through! Try one of our crowd-pleasing pitcher cocktail recipes
— simply mix in the serving container and have chilled glasses ready to serve.

Allow for customisation

Strawberry and watermelon slushyThe best part about making drinks at home is that you can totally customise them! One of our top tips is to make a slushie or lemonade for the kids and then an adults-only version for the adults. Simply add a liquor of choice, or serve it on the bar cart so guests can use it as a mixer. This also means you can save money on making two or more different drinks for the whole party; just make sure to use flavours that are nice on their own or when mixed, like this strawberry-watermelon slushie

Use what you have on hand

Espresso_Martini_Turn to your press and fridge to build the basis for your cocktail of choice. We usually all have coffee on hand, and when paired with vodka, it makes a perfect espresso martini
— our top choice for an after-dinner cocktail-slash-dessert. The best part is that you can customise it even further — add Baileys to make a creamier “flat white espresso martini”,  bit of chocolate for a mocha-inspired version or salted caramel for a truly indulgent twist.

Use up your fruit!

Peach Sangria Easy FoodUse the fruit in your fridge! We know there’s often that bit of ugly fruit at the bottom of the produce drawer, and it’s just throwing money away when it goes to waste! Cut up whatever fruit you have on hand, pop it into a pitcher with some 7UP, soda water or flavoured fizzy water and some white wine for a DIY cocktail like this peach and thyme sangria

Make anything into a cocktail!

Sweet tea | Easy FoodNothing is off the table when it comes to cocktails! From a classic rum and Coke to spiked lemonade, you can customise anything in your fridge to make a picnic-ready drink! One of our favourites is to combine cold, sweet iced tea
with a bit of vodka or rum for a perfect summertime cocktail.

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