Whether you are running to the beach, are just back from holiday or simply had a busy day, sometimes you don’t have time to prep and cook. Here’s where prepped meals come to the rescue! We are big fans of cooking extra and freezing second meals or single-serve portions for a quick thaw-and-reheat dinner. These freezer-friendly meals are some of our favourites to have on hand — do yourself a favour and have them ready in yours!

Black bean falafel wraps

Black bean falafel wraps
This meat-free option will be perfect for those on the go! Keep some tortillas in a separate bag to keep them from getting soggy, and have pair with some quick veg and sauce for a handy and healthy meal.

Lamb and stout stew

Nothing says freezer-friendly like a stew! You won’t be able to resist the smells when cooking — just make sure to have some mash or simply some crusty bread to serve!

Full Irish frittata

Full irish frittata
No one says you can only prep a dinner! Make this delicious breakfast ahead of time to never miss the most important meal of the day.

Ravioli lasagne

Ravioli lasagne
This is a qiuck one to prepare and an even quicker one to thaw and reheat! This ravioli lasagne will satisfy any pasta cravings and makes an ideal dinner or filling lunch.

Easy chicken and bean chilli

Add a bit of minute rice to serve with this chilli to make it even easier to serve last-minute…pun intended!

Quick Bolognese pasta bake

This simple bake is sure to make a great leftover lunch to take with you to the office, or just to reheat at home during your break.

Bacon and cabbage

Don’t feel trapped to only freezing for weekdays! There’s nothing wrong with making the Sunday roast ahead of time to allow for a bit more relaxing on the weekend.

Pesto potato bites

Pesto Potato Bites
Pre-make some snacks for the kids when they are out of their summer activities, giving you time to work or focus on some self-care!

Smoked mackerel and beetroot quiche

Whether for breakfast, lunch or snack, this quiche is perfect with in-season beetroot!

Chicken pasta bake

Chicken pasta bake
Simple, yet flavourful, this dish is sure to be a hit whether tasted right away or after being frozen.


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