With the recent release of Stranger Things season 4 pt.II, we are loving all things strange, from the Upside Down to the upside-down food combos we just can’t get enough of. In the spirit of embracing the strange, we asked our staff and readers on Instagram to share their favourite strange food combos!

Peanut butter and cheese

Sick of peanut butter and jelly? Paula loves this savoury take that’s sure to be just as filling — for both your belly and your heart!

Rice and toast

Take and break from beans and toast with this equally budget-friendly option that’s a favourite of Síomha’s here in the office.

Soy sauce on fried eggs

Skip the extra salt on your eggs and add a splash of soy sauce instead! This may lessen your salt intake and add a little extra flavour to your morning egg. This is a fave of Síomha and her daughter, Phoebe!

Beetroot and pizza

We’re all for adding fun colours to your favourite pizza dishes and were both baffled and intrigued when one of our Easy Food teammates suggested beetroot on pizza!

Jam and cheese

While this one may sound strange, we admit we’re big fans of a sweet, tart jam paired with a vintage aged Cheddar — thanks to Elsje! Make it into a toastie and then we’re really talking!

Parmesan on stir-fry noodles

There’s nothing more satisfying than grating a good amount of parmesan on a finished pasta dish — and according to our editor, Caroline, she asserts the same applies to a stir-fry

Avocado on pancakes

It seems there are very few things that you can’t put avocado on — we’re surprised we didn’t think of this one sooner! We can thank our photographer — and lover of all things avocado — Sophie, for this one.

Liquorice and red wine

These strong yet fruity flavours are sure to be a party on your palette — and possibly a picnic!

Banana and cheese toastie

Now, we weren’t too sure about this one at first, but we got to thinking, don’t we already eat apples and grapes with cheese on charcuterie boards
? Maybe this can be a double idea, whether you eat them from a board or on a sandwich!

Bacon and marmalade sarnies

Enjoy both sweet and salty flavours coming together to make your tastebuds double happy!

Toast dipped in tea

Tell me we all haven’t tried this! Whether we ran out of biscuits or our toast was too dry, this one doesn’t seem that strange at all.


Let us know on social your favourite strange combination! We’d love to see you trying these while binging Stranger Things, whether for the first or thousandth time!