Now, we never think you need an excuse to enjoy some chocolate, but we’ve got one just the same! World Chocolate Day is July 7th, and we’ve got the perfect recipes for you to celebrate in chocolatey style…

Sea salt chocolate tart

Sea salt chocolate tart Easy Food
Salt might seem like an odd topping for a dessert, but — like in savoury cooking — it not only enhances the sweet flavours of chocolate here, but also adds just the right contrast to cut through the richness of the tart. Make sure you use flaky salt, as the flavour is more delicate than table or coarse salt.

Chocolate orange brioche pudding

Chocolate Orange Brioche Pudding
Chocolate and citrus are never a bad combo! Serve with ice cream for dessert or a dollop of natural or vanilla yoghurt as an indulgent brunch option.

Baileys chocolate macaroons

Baileys chocolate macaroons Easy Food
Of course we had to add a boozy option for you! Creamy Baileys adds a rich depth of flavour to these elegant sweet treats.

Our best-ever chocolate cake

Best chocolate cake ever Easy Food
A bit obvious, but still so delicious. And this was voted by our readers as the best chocolate cake recipe ever. You can thank us later.

NYC chocolate chip cookies

NYC New York style chocolate chip cookies Easy Food
Tourists queue for hours to get their hands on these mega chocolate chip cookies at a few NYC bakery hotspots, but we’ve perfected the recipe so you can enjoy a whole batch at home, without having to dig out the passport.

Vegan peanut butter and chocolate tart

We had to have a vegan option for you here to make sure everyone could enjoy World Chocolate Day! You’ll definitely be stuck on this treat — pun intended!

Double chocolate chunk muffins

Double_Chocolate_Muffin_If anything better than chocolate, it’s double
chocolate. Kids and adults alike will love these oh-so-chocolatey muffins.

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