It’s the start of the month and we’ve got another menu for you this week!

Monday: Fish shop wraps

These wraps are sure to swim right to the top of your favourites list!

Tuesday: Crispy baked honey barbecue wings

Crispy baked honey barbecue wings | Easy Food
Taste the weekend with these barbecue wings, sure to bring you right to the weekend.

Wednesday: Chilli beef with avocado salad and Thai chimichurri

Chilli beef with salad and chimichurri Easy Food
Bring some spice in tp help you through any mid-week slump with this delicious Thai chimichurri, sure to give you the right kick.

Thursday: Apple cider chops with carrot and parsnip mash

This pork dish screams comfort food for a rainy day! Even if it’s not, we’re sure you can enjoy this dish in the sun just as well.

Friday: Lamb and pistachio kebabs

Lamb pistachio kebabs Easy Food
Start the weekend off right with this combination of flavours sure to bring everyone together.

Saturday: Quick beef pho

Have some comfort food this weekend with this warm meal, filing and delicious.

Saturday dessert: Custard tartCustard tart
These treats are sure to be a favourite of all ages.

Sunday: NYC-style street cart chicken and rice NYC street cart chickenEnd the week with this holiday in a dish! Have your kitchen smelling like you’re in New York — at least like the great food!

Sunday dessert: Coconut and passionfruit panna cotta

Coconut and passion fruit panna cotta
Enjoy this tropical treat as you prepare for another work week — or to go on holiday!