Raspberries are such a happy little fruit. Not only are they deliciously sweet and tasty, the rich red colour adds to any dessert that’ll make it a beautiful dish. Here are 10 raspberry recipes to rave about:

Raspberry lemon crumb bars_easyfood

Raspberry lemon crumb bars

Easy to pack as a sweet treat in a lunch box or whenever you’re on the go. These crumb bars are a beautiful summer dessert at home or anywhere else.

Raspberry and lemon battenberg_easyfood

Raspberry and lemon battenberg

If you’re in the mood to bake something fruity, yet very eye-catching, this is it. Surprise everyone when cutting this battenberg into slices to reveal the beautiful checkered inside. Don’t be surprised when everyone can’t stop “ooh”-ing and “aah”-ing.

Raspberry Swiss roll Easy Food

Raspberry Swiss roll 

This light and fruity roll cake is the perfect companion for your afternoon tea. With just a hint of vanilla and a beautiful tartness from the fresh raspberries, your guests are sure to be coming back at least a second helping! 

Chocolate raspberry brownies_easyfood

Chocolate raspberry brownies

Chocolate and fruit. The perfect combo to balance a perfect dessert.

Retro raspberry trifle_easyfood

Retro raspberry trifle

If you’re looking for a showstopper dessert, this is it. Not only does this trifle taste delicious, it looks beautiful too. And it might even take you back a few years reminding you of beautiful childhood memories.

Lemon curd and raspberry meringue pots_easyfood

Lemon curd and raspberry meringue pots

There’s something really special in getting your own little pot filled with delicious, creamy desserts. It’s the perfect way to end any meal, or if you’re in the mood for a fruity snack.

Raspberry cranachan_easyfood

Raspberry cranachan

Creamy with a hint of whiskey. What more do you want? The raspberries in this dessert give that something extra.

Dairy-free raspberry coconut cupcakes_easyfood

Dairy-free raspberry coconut cupcakes

If you’re avoiding dairy, these lovely cupcakes are the perfect option for a delicious dessert. The coconut and raspberry gives it a lightness that’s not too sweet.

Raspberry redcurrant jam_easyfood

Raspberry redcurrant jam

Making your own jam is such a fulfilling thing to do. Jam isn’t only used on scones or your morning toast. You can use it in lots of desserts and sauces when cooking. This raspberry redcurrant jam is easy, yet super-delicious!

Raspberry lemon tiramisu_easyfood

Raspberry lemon tiramisu

Another showstopping raspberry dessert perfect for any table if you’re hosting. The raspberry and lemon is a perfect combonation with the sweet creaminess.