17 recipes for beautiful showstopper cakes

    17 showstopper cake recipes to try_easyfood

    In the mood to bake something more than just a cake? Here are 17 recipes to try when you want to wow everyone and treat them to a delicious and eye-catching showstopper cake.

    Baked biscoff cheesecake_easyfood_showstopper

    Baked Biscoff cheesecake

    The spice and deep caramel flavour of the Biscoff biscuits will take this cheesecake to a whole new level.

    Tea cake cake_easyfood_showstopper

    ‘Tea cake’ cake

    Wow your guests by baking this ‘tea cake’ cake. They won’t get enough of this. It’s light and sweet and super-delicious.

    After Eight cake_easyfood_showstopper

    After Eight cake

    This cake is as delicious as it is beautiful. Treat your guests and yourself to this delicious After Eight cake (inspired by the minty chocolate traditionally enjoyed after dinner). You’ll most likely lick the plate to savour every last bite.

    Chocolate hazelnut drip cake_easyfood_showstopper

    Chocolate hazelnut drip cake

    This cake is oozing with chocolate. The combination with the hazelnut is to die for. You won’t regret baking this.

    Minty brownie ice cream cake_easyfood_showstopper

    Minty brownie ice cream cake

    This cake is all about pairing brownies with minty ice cream. Can there be a better combination? Everyone will be licking their fingers after eating this.

    Irish cream and nutella marbled cheesecake_easyfood_showstopper

    Irish cream and Nutella marbled cheesecake

    Creamy, boozy and chocolatey. What more do you want in a cheesecake?

    Banana split pavlova_easyfood_showstopper cake

    Banana split pavlova

    What do you get when you combine meringues, fruit, ice cream and sweet sauces? You get this dreamy dessert. Delicious!

    Sprinkle cake_easyfood_showstopper

    Sprinkle cake

    This is a super-easy, yet beautiful cake to bake. If you’re pushed for time, but still want to spoil your guests with a showstopper, this is it!

    Mega rocky road cake_easyfood_showstopper

    Mega Rocky Road cake

    If you have a basic chocolate sponge, jazz it up with a few ingredients to create this chocolate wonder. You’re guests will be blown away by your delicious bake!

    Chocolate peanut butter cake_easyfood_showstopper

    Chocolate peanut butter party cake

    Another cake oozing with chocolate. The saltiness from the peanuts pairs perfectly with the sweetness from the chocolate.

    Banoffee cheesecake_easyfood_showstopper cake

    Banoffee cheesecake

    Caramel, bananas and whipped cream. Only that one sentence should’ve made your mouth water. Imagine sinking your teeth into this dreamy cheesecake!

    The best chocolate cake ever_easyfood_showstopper

    The best chocolate cake ever

    Want to keep it simple but also want to show off? This chocolate cake recipe is delicious and the cake looks beautiful. You won’t be sorry.

    chocolate honeycomb torte_easyfood_showstopper

    Chocolate honeycomb torte

    The crunch from the honeycomb pairs perfectly with the oozing chocolate in this torte. Either buy honeycomb bars from the shop or attempt to make your own.

    Chocolate baked Alaska_easyfood_showstopper

    Chocolate baked Alaska

    Every wanted to try something like this but felt to intimidated? You’ll be surprised at how easy it actually is! Try this chocolate twist on a classic dessert. You’ll love it!

    Lemon and raspberry showstopper cake_easyfood

    Lemon and raspberry showstopper cake

    Get creative and play around with fondant by baking this lovely showstopper cake. It can be somewhat challenging, but you’ll be so impressed with yourself when you’re done.

    Gluten-free gingerbread showstopper cake_easyfood

    Gluten-free gingerbread showstopper cake

    Spice it up by baking this gingerbread showstopper. And best of all is it’s gluten-free!

    Black forest gateau_easyfood_showstopper cake

    Black forest gâteau

    This is a beautiful cake to bake for any occasion. The fruit and cream gives a great balance to the sweet sponge.