It’s the start of a new month, and what better way to begin than with a brand-new meal plan.

Beetroot falafel

beetroot falafel
Start your week off with this meat-free Monday option that is both full of flavour and filling for any bellies coming to the table.

Chicken gyros

chicken gyros
Enjoy this Greek-style dish with your own home made tzatziki sauce — we promise it’s easier to make than it is to pronounce!

Crunchy veggie tacos

Crunchy veggie tacos
Get through the mid-week slump with this simple yet customisable dish, easy to grab your favourite in-season veg and through it into the mix.

Braised chilli beef with onions

Braised chilli beef with onions
No one will be skipping dinner with this warm, filling and quick-to-make chilli on the table.

Coconut crusted hake with saag aloo

Coconut crusted hake with saag aloo
Add a bit of sweetness to your cooking with this coconut-topped hake, balanced with traditional sides of peas and potatoes.

Tortilla bowls with slow cooked chilli beef

Have a little fiesta to start the weekend with this Mexican-inspired dish, featuring avocado and lime that will bring you into an imaginary holiday.

Orange cheesecake ice cream

This zesty treat is sure to fill every sweet tooth, whether you crave the cold of ice cream, the citrus twist of orange or the crunch of biscuits.

Triple cheese mac n’ cheese

Mac and cheeseGet your cheese fix with this warm meal — and make sure to tag us on Instagram
with this dish on it’s own, or add in broccoli or bacon for a personalised touch!

Shannon’s favourite caramel squares

shannons favourite caramel squaresYou can never go wrong with caramel and chocolate! Check out Siomha’s millionaire shortbread
 if you want a vegan option.


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