Chocolate, caramel and candy — oh my! We’ve got something for everyone’s sweet tooth here just in time for National Junk Food Day. Whether you’re looking for a great finish to your dinner party or something to pass during cocktail hour, we’ve got the treat that can impress no matter the occasion!

Shannon’s favourite caramel squares

shannons favourite caramel squaresLooking for a vegan option? Try out this showdown’s counterpart with Síomha’s millionaire squares.

Three-ingredient microwave bourbon cream brownies

3-ingredient microwave bourbon cream brownies
Impress all your guests with these three-ingredient brownies — no one will no the difference once they get a taste!

Giant cinnamon and cardamon rolls

Giant cinnamon and cardamom roll
Whether you just want a tiny bite or a big slice, there’s enough of this warm bun to go around!

NYC chocolate chip cookies

Nothing says a classic treat like a chocolate chip cookie! Add nuts, caramel or dried fruit for an even more customisable sweet treat.


Start a contest at your next get together and see which is favoured — chocolate or caramel dipping sauces!

Oreo ice cream cake

Now this has to be the ultimate sweet treat! With Oreo, ice cream and chocolate, there’s no way any chocolate lovers will be able to resist!

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