We’re bringing you more recipes this week featuring seasonal and classic flavours!

Monday: Quick prawn pasta

quick prawn pasta
Start the week off right with this simple and tasty prawn pasta!

Tuesday: Crispy chicken nugget rice bowls with sriracha caramel sauce

Try out these sweet and spicy rice bowls that are sure to be a hit with anyone in the family.

Wednesday: Braised beef in Irish stout

If the weather turns, this veg-filled stew is a delicious way to warm back up. We like to pop this into the slow-cooker on a work-from-home day so that it’s ready to go as soon as we are.

Thursday: Turkey burgers with Guinness caramelised onions and Brie

Guinness turkey and brie burger
Try out this flavourful burger made with the beautiful blend of Guinness, onions and Brie.

Friday: Prosciutto and sun-dried tomato pizza

Trust us, homemade pizzas are tastier — and more fun! — than anything you’ll get out! Kick off the weekend with an at-home pizza party: set up a toppings station so friends can add their favourites, then cook on the barbecue for the perfect summer night.

Saturday: Sticky soy and chilli salmon

Skip the takeaway and pop this quick-fix dinner together faster than you can update your delivery app.

Saturday dessert: Rhubarb and custard cheesecake

Rhubarb & custard cheesecake
This cool and seasonal dessert is sure to be a hit at any barbecue or family party.

Sunday: Baked Caprese chicken

Caprese chicken Easy Food
These simple flavours come together to bring you this delicious take on the traditional salad.

Sunday dessert: Apple and raisin meringue tart

Apple and raisin meringue tarts easy food
End your week with this comforting dessert, sure to make you excited for the week ahead (or at least for another dessert!).