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Sicín Sásta know that flavour is what sets great tasting chicken apart! That’s why their tasty, 100% Irish grain-fed chicken is raised with grá, and grown slowly at nature’s pace. If you’re feeling peckish, why not try this recipe that’s full on flavour, with Sicín Sásta’s succulent chicken fillets. Raised with sustainability and welfare front of mind, you can’t go wrong with Sicín Sásta chicken
  1. Cut the Sicín Sásta chicken into generous cubes — about six pieces per fillet — and place in a medium sized bowl.
  2. Season well with salt and pepper, then pour over just enough buttermilk to cover the chicken. Toss to coat.
  3. Cover the bowl then leave overnight.
  4. For the sriracha caramel sauce, place a pan over medium heat. Add the sugar and cream and stir while cooking until the sugar has melted. Leave to boil for about five minutes, then whisk in the salt, whiskey and sriracha sauce. It will bubble up as you add them — just continue whisking. Remove from the heat and pour into a heat-safe jug. Set aside at room temperature until needed.
  5. Pour about 3-4cm of sunflower oil into a large pan. Heat over medium-high heat.
  6. While oil is heating, prepare the chicken nuggets.
  7. Sprinkle a dinner plate or similar with some flour and pour the beaten eggs into a bowl. Spread panko breadcrumbs onto another dinner plate or similar.
  8. Remove a few chicken pieces from the buttermilk with a slotted spoon or fork and coat in the flour. Dip into the egg until covered, then coat in the breadcrumbs. Move the nuggets to a clean plate and repeat until all of the chicken is coated.
  9. To know whether the oil is hot enough for cooking, make sure the surface has a slight rippling effect and dip a wooden skewer into it; if it starts to bubble on the skewer, it’s ready.
  10. Using tongs, carefully arrange some of the chicken nuggets in the oil — leaving space between them — and cook until golden, about 3-4 minutes. Turn the nuggets over and cook for another 3-4 minutes. (If they brown too quickly, lower the heat, or you can also add another drop of oil to cool it more quickly.)
  11. Remove the cooked nuggets and leave to drain on paper towel while you cook the remaining nuggets.
  12. To serve, divide the rice between serving bowls. Arrange the nuggets on top on one side of the bowl, then add some kimchi and pickled onion, if using. Drizzle generously with the sriracha caramel sauce and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds

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Top tip: Leaving the chicken to tenderise in buttermilk overnight is highly recommended but not mandatory, so  this meal can be made on a whim

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