We have the last menu of the month for you here — and we’ve saved the best for last!

Monday: Honey-glazed mackerel with pickled cucumbers and Danish potatoes

Honey-glazed mackerel with picked cucumbers and Danish potatoes
Start your week with with this mix of greens and sea, bringing sweet and salty tastes to your palate.

Tuesday: Chicken pasta bake

Chicken pasta bake
This bake will be great for an easy dinner, as well as perfect leftovers for lunch!

Wednesday: Ravioli lasagne

Ravioli lasagne
This mid-week meal is sure to be a hit since it’s simple to make and full of flavour.

Thursday: Pork belly tacos

Pork belly tacos
Upgrade your taco game with these super flavoursome pork belly tacos.

Friday: Teriyaki mustard salmon and broccoli

Teriyaki salmon Easy Food
This simple dish is sure to be a great start to any plans this weekend.

Saturday: Beef and mushroom stew

Beef and mushroom stew
Pop this stew on to cook while you go about your Saturday plans, then curl up on the couch with a warming bowl while Netflix loads.

Saturday dessert: Plum custard cream tart

Plum custard cream tart
Super impressive yet super simple to make, these fruity tart is perfect for a quick dessert or sharing at summer barbecues.

Sunday: Garlic and herb roast chicken

Garlic_Herb_Roast_Chicken_Easy Food
This dish packs a healthy — and tasty! — punch with greens that are sure to be a great way to end your week!

Sunday dessert: Almond cake with blackberry glaze

Almond loaf Easy Food
To end this month’s menu, we’re bringing you this fruit-topped cake that will surely bring pink-tinted smiles from the blackberry glaze.