There’s nothing quite like a brunch to bring people together! Whether you’re having people over in your garden or hunkering down in the kitchen, we’ve got meals that would be perfect for any gathering. Add more seasonal fruit and veg to any of these dishes to make them feel even more personalised, or make a special brunch cocktail for your event!

Weekend brunch bagels

weekend brunch bagel
Need something to to take on the go? This brunch bagel is perfect to take running with you on your way to the beach, or to sit and enjoy wherever you are.

Sprout and black pudding hash with baked eggs

Sprout and black pudding hash with baked eggs
Get your veg fix topped with black pudding, eggs or anything else you could possibly want in your breakfast!

Full Irish frittata

Full irish frittata
This dish has all of your breakfast favourite breakfast ingredients mixed into one flavourful dish that’s sure to be a new brunch staple.

Warm asparagus brunch salad

Warm and savoury, this salad is everything you need for a comfy, rainy morning.

One-pan weekend breakfast

One-pan weekend breakfast | Easy Food
This gluten-free dish has few ingredients, but is still packed with flavour! This dish would be perfect to pass around at a home brunch or picnic!


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