4 salads perfect to provide colour and crunch for your picnic

    Crunchy & colourful summer salads

    When it comes to warm summer evenings, nothing beats the simplicity — or the freshness — of a salad. Forget boring leafy greens, though…these salads pack a punch when it comes to flavour, crunch and ease of preparation!

    Beetroot, feta and walnut salad

    beetroot-feta & walnut saladThis colourful and flavourful salad is going to make both your belly and your Instagram happy.

    Super green salad

    Super green saladThis salad may be monochromatic, but it packs a ton of flavours!

    Quinoa with roasted vegetables

    Quinoa with roasted vegetablesThis filling and veg filled dish is sure to put a smile on anyone who tries it! Feel free to add more veg if you’re feeling adventurous or just craving a certain flavour.

    Tomato salad

    Tomato saladThis Caprese-type salad may go hard on the tomatoes — but we love the flavour too much to complain!