How to make your own Indian fakeaway

By easyFood

12 May 2020

We can’t travel right now, but our tastebuds can! Use your mealtimes to transport yourself to more exotic surroundings — from the safety of your kitchen. This week, we’re craving Indian flavours…



Let’s start with everyone’s favourite Indian dish, good old chicken tikka masala. Find the classic version here, or check out our lighter take on this comforting curry below.

Healthy chicken tikka masala Easy Food

This healthier chicken tikka masala keeps all of the flavours you love.

If protein-packed poultry is your jam, this turkey kofta curry is a great way to make use of lean, healthy and budget-friendly turkey mince.

Turkey kofta curry

This meatball curry swaps half the cream for Greek yoghurt for a great tangy taste and lower fat content.

Seafood lovers will enjoy this tasty prawn curry, richly flavoured with aromatic spices and with a cooling hit of creamy coconut milk.

Indian prawn curry Easy Food

Make this a special occasion seafood curry by swapping some of the prawns for white fish and crab claws.

In the mood for red meat? Try this spicy Indian lamb curry, slow-cooked for the most tender lamb and deep flavours.

Fiery Indian lamb curry Easy Food

Dig into a bowl of melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked Irish lamb.

For the real heat champions out there, this fiery beef vindaloo is an absolute must. Simmered with tomatoes and vinegar, it’s tangy, tender and ideal for any chilli addict.

Fiery beef vindaloo Easy Food

Feeling the fire? Add a dollop or two of raita!

Goat is one of the most commonly-consumed meats in India, and — thanks to amazing producers like Broughgammon — is becoming more popular here, too. If you’re on for trying something different, check out this flavoursome goat curry with Irish flatbreads. Can’t get your hands on goat? You can easily substitute lamb.

Goat curry with Irish flatbreads Easy Food

We guarantee you won’t regret trying this slow-cooked goat curry.


Veggie favourites

Indian cuisine is known for its quality vegetarian food, with a culture that treats meat-free meals with the same care and consideration as those containing meat. Here are a few of our favourite veggie-friendly options…

Whether as a meat-free main or a delicious accompaniment to another curry, this mildly spiced coconut and spinach dhal will put a smile on everyone’s face.

This is so delicious, you’ll forget how healthy it is!

Chana masala is one of the most simple Indian meals you can make, and a great way to feed the family on a budget — or when you don’t want to venture to the shops.

Chana masala Easy Food

The perfect storecupboard dinner.

Fans of the Indian cheese paneer will appreciate this clever oh-so-creamy take on the classic tikka masala, made in the slow-cooker for added convenience.

Paneer Masala slow cooker Easy Food

Slow-cooked paneer masala: creamy cheese in a creamy sauce? Yes please.

Another cheese-based option, this fun twist on the usual paneer masala uses squeaky, salty Halloumi (although you can use still paneer if you prefer).

Saag halloumi Easy Food

Gotta get those greens in! This mild and creamy dish packs a healthy dose of spinach.

We adore cauliflower and — of course! — potatoes, so aloo gobi is one of our all-time faves.

Aloo gobi Easy Food

This takeaway favourite is so easy to make at home.


A bit on the side

No Indian fakeaway is complete without rice, naan and other nibbles!

Start with this Indian rice, just like you’d get in the takeaway; crispy fried onions optional, but HIGHLY recommended.

Indian rice Easy Food

The best thing about this Indian rice? The crispy fried onions!

Look, there was absolutely no way we were putting together a collection of Indian fakeaway recipes without including a garlic butter naan. Priorities, people!

Garlic butter naan Easy Food

Warm homemade naan smothered in garlic butter is as good as life gets.

Is your mouth on fire from that vindaloo? Add a cooling, creamy contrast with this cucumber raita.

Cucumber raita Easy Food

It’s worth making a hot curry just to enjoy the gorgeous contrast with this, tbh.

Fancy a nibble starter? Check out these mildly spiced sweet potato samosas, best enjoyed with mango chutney.

Baked sweet potato samosa Easy Food

Also ideal for picnics and snacks, or add a salad for a satisfying lunch option.

We hope you enjoy your virtual trip to India. Stay safe, stay well-fed.