5 over-the-top Six Nations foods to eat on the couch

    5 over the top Nations food

    Everyone knows that watching sport is a hungry business, so if you’re inviting guests round to watch the Six Nations you’ll need snacks on hand. But when you’re planning a game-day party menu, it’s important to include foods that don’t require too many plates and utensils, since your guests will likely be jumping up and down on the couch, food in hand.

    Take a quick timeout to scroll through these winning recipes that’ll be the VIPs in your today’s Six-Nations party.

    1. Parmesan pop corn 

    Parmesan popcorn. Easy FoodOr try:

    2. Best-ever chicken wings

    est ever chicken wings. Easy FoodsOr try:

    3. Barbecue pulled pork nachos

    Nachos, slow cooker, pulled pork

    Or try:

    4. Perfect cheeseburgersThe perfect cheeseburgers Easy Food
    5. Simple sausage rolls

    Simple sausage rolls Easy Food

    Or try:


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