Ever wonder what we talk about at Easy Food?

By easyFood

11 February 2019

We’re a very chatty group in here, so I thought it was time to conduct a little “overheard in the office” experiment — and it came as absolutely no surprise to find that the vast majority of conversations were about food. (Apparently we’re also very messy eaters.) If you’ve ever wondered what the backing track of the Easy Food office sounds like, it goes a little something like this…

Easy Food office shelves

Overheard at Easy Food

“Aw man. I just dropped my earphone in my hummus.”

“Remember yesterday, when I had bread in my eyebrow?”

“You wrote that.”
“Didn’t you write that?”
“Oh god, did I?”

“I’m really looking forward to this mead.”
“What is this, medieval Europe?”

Easy Food office cookbooks

“We’ve had so much meat this week. My veins are gonna be… delicious.”

“I have cheese in my keyboard.”

“I hope you don’t mind the smell of smoked salmon first thing in the morning.”
“You know that I don’t.”

“I only went downstairs to get water and somehow I came back with an Irish coffee.”

“This is why I need to use big-lipped bowls.”

“Wanna try this?”
“Well, I already have a spoon with me, so…”

“Okay, who stole the ham?”

“Oh. Chocolate fell into my water.” *long pause* “I’ll be okay.”