20 recipes you loved the most this February


For the month of February, we asked you to fall in love with Easy Food’s online resources by challenging you to cook from over 3000 recipes listed on our website. Here are the 20 recipes you seemed to love cooking the most! Enjoy!

  1. Peanut butter shortbread

Just the right amount of sweet and crumbly – these peanut butter shortbreads are the perfect afternoon tea treat.




2. Stuffed blue cheese burgers with caramelised onions

The most mouthwateringly satisfying burger you’ll ever make!




3. Gooey brownie pie

This brownie pie is the perfect mix of cake and brownie.




4. Pierogi

This Polish speciality is pure comfort food






5. Orange chocolate log cake

If you love Terry’s chocolate orange – You’ve just found your favourite new log cake!



6. Veggie cottage pie

You won’t believe it’s vegetarian it so good!




7. Lighter lemon drizzle cake

The perfect zesty bake for a light afternoon tea.



8. Chicken fried rice

This Asian inspired dish is the perfect healthy mid-week dinner.


9. Cinnamon rolls

Nothing beats the comforting and sweet aroma of fresh oven baked cinnamon rolls.








110. Elsje’s oat crunchies

An absolute flavour sensation – these oat crunchies are the healthy treat you’ll love to eat!

Elsje's oat crunchies




11. Slow cooker Italian meatballs

The whole family will love these slow-cooked meatballs.

slow cooked MeatBalls_


12. Wholemeal spelt carrot cake 

A healthier cake for everyday baking.

Wholemeal-Spelt-Carrot-Loaf-1-696x36813. King Prawn satay

A light, healthy and nourishing





14. Chocolate brownie cookies

What could be better than a cookie and brownie in one fantastic bakery treat?!




15. Hoisin (Pulled) pork tacos

These pulled pork tacos are an absolute flavour sensation!




16. Irish cream and nutella cake

The perfect cheesecake for any special occasion.

irish cream and nutella Cheesecake-696x368



17. Seedy oat bread

A healthy and comforting loaf for the whole family.




18. Cheddar jalepeno bread

Take your bread baking to the next level with these cheesy jalepeno flavours.

cheddar Jalapeno_loaf-696x510-1


19. Panchetta pea gnocchi

This gnocchi is destined to be a new family staple.




20. Hazelnut drip cake

This Ferrero Rocher inspired drip cake is the perfect bake for any special occasion.

Chocolate hazelnut drip cake Cover-696x368