This month, we’re craving bright, fresh, nourishing recipes that make the most of seasonal ingredients. That’s why we’re sharing this handy recipe collection that’s brimming with some of our favourite dishes to enjoy this month.

Zesty salmon stew 

Made in one pot, this low-fat and protein-packed stew highlights some gorgeous spring flavours, thanks to the lemon and Dijon-flavoured salmon.

Simple side salad 

This salad uses the radish to its highest potential — with feta, lemon, and dill sprinkled over top. You’ll love this healthy meal for lunch or dinner.

Wild green soup

This soup tastes delicious with nutrient-rich herbs that you can forage for in the great outdoors, or at your local grocer. Meanwhile, the cream gives the soup a thick consistency and helps to balance out all the greens.

Thai green chicken curry  

Quick and easy to make, this comforting curry is just what we need to get over a midweek slump. Not forgetting, it’s also high in protein and packed with flavour from the freshly crushed garlic, Thai green curry paste, fresh basil and coriander, as well as the flaked almonds and the squeeze of lime.

Stir-fried chicken noodles

We’re all about those quick, 30-minute meals, which is why this speedy dinner is making it into our weekly rotation. The spring onions and beansprouts balance the salty soy sauce and bright ginger in this midweek meal.

Bombay spiced potato salad 

If you’re looking for a healthy meal that will fill you up, then we highly recommend trying this fuss-free recipe. Peas and baby potatoes are in season right now, and tomatoes are going to be at their peak shortly, which means it’s the perfect time to dig into this hearty, nourishing, veggie-loaded meal.

Tortellini pasta salad  

This five-ingredient dish is a family favourite! The fresh, vibrant salad component means it’s light and refreshing – just what we love as we come into some warmer weather. Yet, the spinach and ricotta tortellini adds a lovely, comforting touch which pairs perfectly with the basil pesto.

Classic lemon cheesecake  

You can’t go wrong with a lemon cheesecake this May. We adore how the tangy lemon flavour contrasts beautifully with the spiced gingernut biscuit base – simply divine!

Orange syllabub  

Orange syllabub banner

Calling for just a few ingredients, this orange-infused dessert can be whipped up in a flash and offers another variety of citrus flavours.

If you’re looking for another protein-packed dinner idea, check out our herby chicken skewers with spring quinoa, here.