Here are a week’s worth of quick-fix meals that will keep the family (and the wallet!) happy!

Monday: Crunchy veggie tacos

Crunchy veggie tacos
These colourful tacos are sure to brighten this meat-free Monday!

Tuesday: Creamy Tuscan chicken

Tuscan_Chicken_Easy Food
Try this dish with pasta or mashed potatoes — you’ll thank us!

Wednesday: Chilli beef stir-fry

Nothing says easy like a stir-fry! This recipe is sure to help you to get through any mid-week funk.

Thursday: Hake with mushroom risotto

This dish features tender hake and creamy risotto for the perfect combination.

Friday: Chicken tortilla burrito bowls

Break into the weekend with this fiesta of a meal! This is sure to be a family favourite or a hit at girls’ night!

Saturday: One-pan pasta puttanesca

Enjoy this dish as-is, or add some chicken for a higher-protein option!

Saturday dessert: Easy-peasy banoffee pie

easy peasy banoffee pie
Impress your friends with this beautiful — and simple! — dessert.

Sunday: Bacon-wrapped cod and citrus rocket salad

Bacon-wrapped cod Easy Food
Have yourself this treat of a Sunday lunch to celebrate getting through the week!

Sunday dessert: Baked berry chocolate oats

Baked berry chocolate oats | Easy Food
This bake is a warm treat to end the night with, and would be perfect to keep for a quick treat during the coming week!

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