It’s National Burger Day and we have a recipes for everyone to celebrate!


    Happy National Burger Day! We’re excited to share some of our favourite recipes with you: from meaty classics to plant-based beauties, there’s one for everyone to enjoy!

    Ultimate barbecue burger

    ultimate barbecue burgerWe’re starting with a classic! This burger has everything you’d think of when you think of a barbecue: toasted buns, melty cheese, fresh veg toppings and — of course — a perfectly barbecued beef patty.

    Bacon and egg burger

    Bacon and egg burgerBring a little breakfast to your burger with bacon and egg — which are great to enjoy any time of the day!

    Poutine burgers

    Poutine_Burger_-696x368Go all out with this extravagant burger! Enjoy all the savoury flavours of chips and gravy in this delicious — though messy — Canadian twist on the classic.

    Spicy chicken burger

    Spicy chicken burgerBring the heat to your night, whether it’s hot outside or not! This chicken burger is a great choice if you are sick of classic beef burgers, but are still craving a hearty hand-held.

    Thai turkey burgers with Asian slaw

    Thai_Turkey_Burgers_Add more flavour into your menu with this Asian-inspired turkey burger, full of colourful veg in the crunchy slaw.

    Kimchi pork burger

    kimchi pork burgerThis one is bursting with fresh, zesty, spicy, pickled flavours — topped with a fried egg, you won’t have room for dessert!

    Crab cake burgers with prawn cocktail

    Crab cake and prawn cocktail burgerTake your burger with a side of the sea in this recipe featuring both crab and prawn that’ll have you tasting your next holiday!

    Kidney bean burger

    We’re loving meat-free burgers, and this tasty bean burger has been a Test Kitchen favourite. Customise it by adding your own favourite veggies!

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