The excitement for Christmas Day is at an all-time high right now, and the last thing you’re thinking about is what you’re going to eat for dinner next week. To help you out, we’re sharing some tasty, fuss-free dinners and recipes which make the most of Christmas Day leftovers.

MONDAY: The ultimate leftover Christmas sambo

Leftover sandwich
The festive season isn’t complete until the makings for this comforting sandwich have finally run out. Best served with a bag of cheese and onion Tayto crisps, of course.

TUESDAY: Sprout and ham risotto

Ham and sprout risotto Easy Food
This is a brilliant recipe for using up not only your leftover ham and sprouts but also any dregs of white wine that might be taking up space in the fridge. This wholesome dinner is such a comforting meal, sure to satisfy the whole family!

WEDNESDAY: Turkey and cranberry pastry plait

Turkey and cranberry pastry plait Easy Food
If you’re looking for a five-ingredient fix to whip up in a pinch, then this quick and easy recipe is just what you need, and it’s a great way of using up those leftovers!

THURSDAY: Easy turkey curry

Chicken curry Easy Food
This simple curry is ideal for getting rid of that leftover bird, plus it’s great for batch-cooking! Make a large quantity to save yourself from having to cook a fresh dinner during the days following Christmas.

FRIDAY: Warming turkey and potato pie

Turkey potato pie
You’ll adore the comforting combination of the leftover turkey, peas and onions, smothered in a layer of creamy béchamel sauce, and then topped with cheesy mashed potatoes featured in this warming winter dish.

SATURDAY: Prawn tikka bites

Prawn tikka bites
If you’re ringing in the new year from the comfort of your living room, then make sure to have plenty of tasty canapés on hand to keep you and your guests happy and satisfied all night long. These prawn tikka bites are a firm fave of ours, as they’re mostly made using store cupboard ingredients.

DESSERT: Baileys triple chocolate trifles

baileys triple chocolate trifles
A great way of using up that beloved bottle of Baileys, these rich and decadent trifles will cure any sweet tooth craving!

SUNDAY: Simple red lentil and carrot soup

red lentil and carrot soup
If you over-indulged over Christmas and are craving something hearty, veggie-packed and full of nutrients, we highly recommend tucking into a bowl of this wholesome red lentil and carrot soup. The perfect pick-me-up to cosy up with.

DESSERT: Baked pears with Christmas cake crumble

Baked pears with Christmas cake crumble Easy Food
Struggling to finish that neglected Christmas cake? We’ve got you covered with this super simple recipe, which calls for just five ingredients and takes mere minutes to put together!

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