Looking for new, creative ways to use up delicious Clonakilty breakfast items? We’ve got you covered with these fuss-free festive recipes!

Clonakilty black pudding crumpets

Whether you’re after an inspiring starter or a brilliant brunch, this impressive dish is just what you need. The flavour combination between the spicy, fried Clonakilty black pudding and the sweet, maple-soaked apple slices is a match made in heaven.

Clonakilty ‘ispíní’ sausage stuffing bombs

The perfect canapé, side dish or festive snack to keep you company all season long, these sumptuous Clonakilty sausage stuffing bombs are a sure crowd-pleaser. Not to mention, they’re great for batch cooking! Simply double the recipe, freeze half and save them for your next soirée.

Christmas turkey wrapped in Clonakilty streaky rashers

Full Christmas Turkey Wrapped in Clonakilty Streaky Rashers
Moisten that bird and fill it with flavour by wrapping it up in salty, juicy Clonakilty streaky rashers. The ultimate way to enjoy Turkey this festive season.

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