Overindulged in your favourite sauce this festive season? You’re not alone! To help cleanse the body, mind and soul — as well as help save some pennies this month — many people are taking part in the phenomenon known widely as Dry January. If you’re taking part, there’s no need to feel left out; these mouth-watering mocktails are delicious without the lingering hangover…

Non-alcoholic strawberry refresher

It may not be strawberry season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this beautiful beverage. Frozen strawberries do the trick just as well.

Apple and ginger Mocktail

If you’re looking for a warming winter mocktail, then why not whip up a pitcher of this delicious apple and ginger concoction? You won’t regret it!

Non-alcoholic cranberry punch

Still got a mountain of cranberries left over from the Christmas feast? This tasty punch, flavoured with plenty of warm, festive spices, is just what you need.

Homemade ginger ale with lime

Wow your dinner guests with this sumptuous homemade ginger and lime ale. For those who aren’t on the Dry January buzz, try adding a splash or two of whiskey for a twist on a Moscow Mule.

Fizzy strawberry lemonade

If you’re craving a cool, refreshing drink but don’t fancy making a big batch of lemonade, then this recipe is perfect. To serve just one glass for yourself, mix one-part strawberry mix to four parts water — and enjoy!

Sweet tea

Calling for just four ingredients, this booze-free beverage is as easy as it gets. We highly recommend making a big batch and keeping a jug in the fridge to enjoy all week long!

Strawberry and watermelon slushy

A sweet and simple recipe the whole family will love — especially the little ones! This drink is a great alternative to your favourite frozen Daiquiri cocktail.

Lemon rosemary mocktail

We adore the sour tartness of this citrus-infused mocktail. For those enjoying a tipple or two this month, a dash of whiskey puts a spin on your standard Whiskey Sour.

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