Over-ripened, browning bananas present the perfect opportunity to refine your baking skills, and the best (and easiest) recipe to do so is the beloved banana bread.

Here are a few of our favourite banana recipes to try out.

Basic banana bread

If you’re not fully sold on the different types of banana breads yet, just go back to basics with this beloved recipe. Click here. 

Here is another recipe for a basic banana bread you can try. Click here. 


Gluten-free chocolate chip banana bread

By using gluten-free products you can easily share in the potassium joy. Click here for this easy recipe.

Chocolate banana bread

In the mood for chocolate cake but also banana bread? Why not make both by baking this chocolate banana bread? Click here for the recipe.

Chocolate chip banana bread

Just want to add something extra to your banana bread? The chocolate chips are enough to really make it something different but still lets you keep that beloved banana taste. Click here. 

Flax and walnut banana bread

The flax and walnut used in this recipe just brings that something extra to the table. Click here for the recipe.

Vegan banana bread

Make this bake with using only plant-based products. Click here for a delicious vegan option of our favourite bread!

Banana bread French toast

In the mood for something delicious for breakfast? This banana twist on French toast is just the thing you need. Click here for the recipe.