Flax and walnut banana bread

Flax and walnut banana bread Easy Food
Makes 1 loaf
150g plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp cinnamon
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
120g butter
200g sugar
3 very ripe Fyffes bananas, peeled and chopped
80g ground flaxseed
4 tbsp whole flax seeds
60g walnuts, crushed
  1. Preheat the oven to 180˚C/160˚C fan/gas mark 4. Grease a 900g loaf tin with butter.
  2. In a large bowl, sift together the flour and bicarbonate of soda. Set aside.
  3. In a large jug, whisk together the eggs and vanilla until combined. Set aside.
  4. Cream together the butter and sugar until it starts to become light and fluffy. Keep mixing as you gradually pour the egg mixture into the butter, until all of the ingredients are incorporated. Slowly mix in the bananas,.
  5. With a rubber spatula, fold in the flour mixture until just incorporated. Fold in the ground and whole flax seeds and the walnuts, reserving a few of the walnuts to decorate the top.
  6. Transfer the batter to the prepared loaf tin and sprinkle the remaining walnuts over the top. Bake for 40-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the centre of the bread comes out clean.
  7. Cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. Store in an air-tight container or wrapped in cling film for up to one week.

Per serving: 294kcals, 14.5g fat (5.8g saturated), 36.1g carbs (20.6g sugars), 5.8g protein, 3.8g fibre, 0.177g sodium

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