10 flourless recipes for delicious lockdown baking

    10 flourless recipes for lockdown baking_easyfood

    During the lockdown you might have struggled to get your hands on flour in the shops to try out new baking recipes.

    But just because you can’t find any flour doesn’t mean you can’t bake. These 10 recipes don’t use any flour at all.

    Healthier brownies_easyfood

    Healthier brownies

    If you can’t find flour for you beloved brownies, use some ground almonds instead. It’s also a tiny bit healthier without compromising on the taste.

    flourless chocolate, caramel and banana swiss roll_easyfood

    Flourless chocolate, caramel and banana Swiss roll

    No need to give up on your favourite Swiss roll if you can’t find any flour. This will surely become your new favourite recipe.

    Sweet potato and bluberry muffins_easyfood

    Sweet potato and blueberry muffins

    A perfect muffin for a healthy start to a new day. You’ll absolutely love these.

    baileys chocolate macaroons_easyfood

    Baileys chocolate macaroons

    This chocolatey goodness will have you wanting more and more. Take note: You can’t only have one. You’ll eat the whole batch before realising it.

    Almond clementine cake_easyfood

    Almond clementine cake

    It’s full of citrussy flavours, light and doens’t contain any flour. Tea time just got a whole lot better!

    3-ingredient flourless banana pancakes_easyfood

    3-ingredient flourless banana pancakes

    Not everyone is in the mood to cook a full breakfast in the morning. But these flourless pancakes will have you enjoying your first meal of the day, every day. You only need 3 ingredients!

    Chocolate berry meringue cake

    Chocolate berry meringue cake

    A summery dessert for the warmer weather we’re experiencing these days. Lockdown isn’t that bad.

    Lemon and almond bars_easyfood

    Lemon and almond bars

    These flourless bars is the perfect thing to have in the house if you have children. It’s quick and easy to bake, so let them join in the fun!

    Flourless chocolate hazelnut cake_easyfood

    Flourless chocolate hazelnut cake

    Bake this showstopper without using any flour. And after the lockdown, you can show off in front of all your friends and family with this winner.

    Decadent flourless chocolate coffee cake with Baileys whipped cream_easyfood

    Decadent flourless chocolate coffee cake with Baileys whipped cream

    It’s hard to believe a delicious cake like this don’t use any flour. But it’s true! Try it.