15 fresh salads to make this summer

    15 fresh salads to make this summer_easyfood

    Summer time means salad time! Don’t get stuck with the same ol’ tomato and lettuce — be adventurous and sample some of these 15 fresh salads this season.

    Samosa salad_easyfood_summer

    Samosa salad

    Go on a Moroccan adventure with this delicious samosa salad. The chickpeas and the dressing are the heroes of this salad.

    Tomato, peach, prosciutto and goat's cheese salad_easyfood_summer

    Tomato, peach, prosciutto and goat’s cheese salad

    This salad screams summer. Not only does it taste delicious, but the colours will also make you smile.

    Roasted aubergine with lentil and herb salad_easyfood_summer

    Roasted aubergine with lentil and herb salad

    An explosion of delicious flavours and tastes. This will really take lunch or dinner to another level.

    Fresh and easy leafy green salad_easyfood_summer

    Fresh and easy leafy green salad

    A basic green salad is like a little black dress — it never goes out of style. It’s quick and easy, with a simple dressing of oil and apple cider vinegar.

    Mediterranean potato salad_easyfood_summer

    Mediterranean potato salad

    Take your tastebuds on a Mediterranean adventure with this easy potato salad. You can either enjoy it as a side dish, or as a meal on its own.

    Turkey club salad_easyfood_summer

    Turkey club salad

    It’s like your favourite sandwich — but without the bread. This is light and crunchy, perfect for a quick summer lunch.

    Mexican chopped salad_easyfood_summer

    Mexican chopped salad

    Crunchy, fresh and packed with Mexican flavours, you’ll absolutely love this salad.

    Chorizo and egg salad_easyfood_summer

    Chorizo and egg salad

    So simple, yet so delicious. You can quickly put this salad together if you’re in a hurry or if you’re just not in the mood to spend too much time in the kitchen.

    Steak and potato salad_easyfood_summer

    Steak and potato salad

    The best part about this salad is that you don’t HAVE to fry the steak on a pan. Make it as summer as possible by barbecuing your steak.

    Thai chicken salad cups_easyfood_summer

    Thai chicken salad cups

    Now that we’re finally allowed to see people again, this is a perfect way of hosting while keeping a distance. Prepare 1-2 salad cups for each guest.

    Griddled courgette salad_easyfood_summer

    Griddled courgette salad

    This is a beautiful salad that tastes great too! Perfect for a summery barbecue.

    Avocado, blood orange and goat's cheese salad_easyfood_summer

    Avocado, blood orange and goat’s cheese salad

    Creamy, zingy, colourful and fresh, take your tastebuds to a whole new dimension.

    Roasted potato salad with eggs and pickle dressing_easyfood_summer

    Roasted potato salad with eggs and pickle dressing

    The hero of this dish is the pickle dressing. You’re welcome.

    Spicy Moroccan harissa chicken salad_easyfood_summer

    Spicy Moroccan harissa chicken salad

    At first it might look like just another simple salad, but the flavours will have you wanting more and more.

    Broccoli, feta and tomato salad_easyfood_summer

    Broccoli, Feta and tomato salad

    The crunch of the broccoli and nuts is what makes this salad stand out from the rest.