Make Dad feel special this Sunday by making him a delicious meal from scratch. If you need some inspiration, we got you covered. These 12 recipes will make Father’s day a hoot!

One-pan weekend breakfast_easyfood

One-pan weekend breakfast

Start the day off with this easy one-pan breakfast. And the best of all? Almost no dishes to wash afterwards!

New_York_Bodega easy food

New York Bodega bagel

Literally the best breakfast bagel you will ever eat! Why not impress with a brunch that’s a little different!?


Meat-lovers bap_easyfood

Meat-lovers bap

If your dad’s a meat-eater, he’ll absolutely love this breakfast on his special day.

Best steak sandwiches_fathers day_easyfood

Best steak sandwiches

Whether you’re taking Dad for a picnic in the park, or just stay at home, this steak sandwiches will be the perfect Father’s day treat.

Easy baby-back ribs_fathers day_easyfood

Easy baby-back ribs

These are great for a Father’s day barbecue. So light up the fire and get crackin’!

French toast sausage roll-ups_fathers day_easyfood

French toast sausage roll-ups

Super easy, and super delicious. And it’s easy enough for little hands to help when making these.

Beef and stout pie_fathers day_easyfood

Beef and stout pie

Nothing beats a true Irish dish for a true Irish dad. Spoil him with this delicious and comfy Irish pie.

Honeyed root vegetables_fathers day_easyfood

Honeyed root vegetables

Perfect as a side-dish or a light Father’s day lunch.

Best ever chicken wings_fathers day_easyfood

Best ever chicken wings

The pubs are almost open again, so treat Dad one last time at his “at home pub” for Father’s day. These chicken wings are the best ever, so don’t be surprised if he prefers these to the pub’s.

Veggie chilli fries_fathers day_easyfood

Veggie chilli fries

Another great pub grub to make at home. This is also a great option to share as a family.

Baked black bean chilaquiles_fathers day_easyfood

Baked black bean chilaquiles

Take Dad on a Mexican adventure with this easy dish. He’ll absolutely love it!

Raspberry almond crumble bars_fathers day_easyfood

Raspberry almond crumble bars

Bake these tasty bars for Dad to celebrate his special day.