Lentils are such a versatile ingredient. You can use it to cook almost anything your heart desires. Here are seven of our favourite lentil recipes you can try at home.

Simpel lentil and red curry soup_easyfood

Lentil soups

With the temperatures dropping, this simple red lentil and carrot soup will feel like getting a warm and hearty hug. If you’re looking for something a touch more exotic, trust us when we tell you that you’ll love the robust flavours in this smoky lentil and chorizo soup! Both served with some fresh bread with delicious Irish butter, you can’t go wrong with these delicious soups!

Wholesome lentil dahl_easyfood

Wholesome lentil dahl

If you’re in the mood for something hearty but also meat-free, this is perfect! All the delicious flavours will take your taste buds around the world on a lovely Indian journey. Perfect to escape the world pandemic from the comfort of your home.

Sweet potato, lentil and kale pasties

Sweet potato, lentil and kale pasties

Speaking of comfort… these delicious sweet potato and lentil pasties are just the thing to warm you up on a cold winters night.


Roasted aubergine with lentil and herb salad_easyfood

Roasted aubergine with lentil and herb salad

Just because it’s colder nowadays, doesn’t mean we have to get rid of salads entirely! This roasted aubergine with lentil and herb salad has all the lovely autumn flavours and is still a delicious light meal. Perfect for those working-from-home lunches.

Smokey lentils_easyfood

Smokey lentils

Put a lentil-twist on your breakfast with this super easy recipe. Add an egg, avo and some toast you have a wholesome, hearty meal to start your day.

Spiced lentil and pumpkin pies_easyfood

Spiced lentil and pumpkin pies

These pies aren’t only easy, they’re also super-delicious! The flavours of the ginger, cumin, corriander and turmeric will transport you to another world. Enjoy every bite, because we promise: Once your pie’s done, you’ll wish you had more.

Beetroot and lentil burgers Easy Food

Lentil burgers (with beetroot)

If you’re craving a delicious juicy burger but prefer to leave the meat out, why not try out these easy lentil burgers? If you’ve already mastered the art of the humble veggie burger why not take it to the next level with these beautifully coloured beetroot and lentil burgers?


Lentil and rice loaf_easyfood

Lentil and rice loaf

Whether it’s as a side dish, or a snack on its own, your taste buds will thank you for treating them to this lovely recipe. Easy, quick and oh! So delicious!