If you're just setting out on your baking journey, these basic recipes are a great place to start. Consider these your building blocks — start with the fundamentals, and add more adventurous elements as you grow your confidence and skills.

1. A basic vanilla sponge

Basic vanilla sponge Easy FoodA simple vanilla sponge can be leveraged to create a cake for any occasion — just decorate it however you choose. Looking for an easy icing for your sponge? Our basic buttercream
will do the trick.

2. A basic chocolate sponge

Chocolate sponge and buttercream recipe - Easy FoodIf chocolate is more your style than vanilla, this simple sponge is what you need. Ready to level up? Our best-ever chocolate cake
is well worth mastering — you’ll never need another recipe.

3. Healthy muffins

Banana_Oat_muffin_A healthy, fibre-rich muffin is a great grab-and-go breakfast or lunchbox snack. Once you’ve mastered these banana and oat cuties, move on to one of our other easy muffin recipes
and find your favourite flavour combination.

4. Banana bread

Banana bread Easy FoodIt might be sooo 2020, but there’s no denying that banana bread is delicious — and the ideal way to use up those over-ripe bananas. Fancy a twist? Try this chocolate version

5. Simple scones

Fruit scones Easy FoodWhether for breakfasts or a tea time treat, scones are a classic for a reason. Try these brown scones for a healthy wholemeal option, or enjoy the fruit scones above with clotted cream and jam for homemade afternoon tea vibes. If you're in more of a savoury mood, these Cheddar and spring onion scones
are ideal.

6. Brown bread

Stout bread Easy FoodIf you’ve never made bread before, don’t worry — Irish soda breads are definitely the easiest place to start. The secret ingredient in this stout bread
is the treacle, giving it a dark, sweet flavour.

7. Basic biscuits

Irish butter shortbread biscuits Easy FoodBeing able to fill your own biscuit tin is a super satisfying life skill that goes well with a cup of tea. Try our easy shortbread biscuits, or make your own Digestives

8. A good old-fashioned crumble

Apple crumbleYou’d be surprised how easy it is to put together a fruit crumble
. A fantastic crowd pleaser, it's well worth having this straightforward technique up your sleeve for future entertaining — and it's possibly the most delicious way to use a glut of fruit.

9. A no-fuss pastry tart

Peach and almond tart Easy FoodIf you can roll out a sheet of ready-made puff pastry and slice up some fruit, you can make one of these tarts; they’re so simple, it’s basically cheating. Our peach and almond tart (above) is ideal in late summer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, while these individual rhubarb tartlets
are lovely with a dollop of custard.

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