15 exceptional brunches to treat Mum this Mother’s Day


With restaurants, spas and travel back open this year, we’re so delighted that we can treat Mum to all sorts of lovely experiences again. While a spa day, afternoon tea or a night away are all sure to delight, we know what really tops the wishlist of so many Mums: a day of peace and quiet, a proper lie-in and no chores to do. With that in mind, why not treat Mum to a full day of special treatment, starting with a leisurely homemade brunch at home. We’ve compiled some of our favourite recipes here that are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

To make it even better, why not set a special setting with some fresh flowers and a clean kitchen. Don’t forget rule number one: don’t leave any of the washing-up to Mum!

The perfect brunch board

Brunch boardPerfect for the kids to assemble, a brunch board is a clever and fun pick-and-mix of breakfast favourites for Mum.

Cannoli pancakes


These chocolatey crepes with a creamy, zesty filling are perfect for Mums with a sweet tooth.

Chilli tomato eggs and potatoes

chilli tomato baked eggs and potatoes

Filling and full of flavour, these chilli tomato eggs are perfect with some crusty toast and fresh orange juice on the side.

Eggy brunch bowlsEggy_brunch_bowls

These clever brunch bowls make a quick and simple option. You can also mix up the fillings to suit Mum’s favourite ingredients.

Raspberry buttermilk pancakes

Raspberry buttermilk pancakes

Give Mum the sky-high stack she deserves with these mouthwatering raspberry buttermilk pancakes.

Turkish poached eggs with yoghurt and chilli butter

Turkish_Poached_Eggs- Easy foodA hit on social media, these creamy, spicy Turkish-style poached eggs are sure to impress more discerning tastes.

Cheesy chorizo crèpes


If savoury dishes are more Mum’s speed, dish up some cheesy goodness with these tasty chorizo crepes.

Cinnamon sultana muffins

Bran sultana muffinsThese freshly made delicious cinnamon sultana muffins will have the house smelling fantastic.

Smashed avocado toasts with feta, bacon and poached eggs

Avocado toasts, brunch, poached eggs

Give Mum’s favourite smashed avocado a twist by adding feta, bacon and poached eggs.

All-in-one breakfast bakeAll in one breakfast bake Easy Food

This all-in-one breakfast bake is an easy option for the kids to make this Mother’s Day.

Parmesan French toast with sun-dried tomato and basil butter

Parmesan French toast with sun-dried tomato and basil butter Easy Food

Looking for a savoury twist on a brunch favourite? This Parmesan French toast with sun-dried tomatoes and basil butter is sure to impress.

Buttermilk waffles, yoghurt and roast rhubarb

Buttermilk waffles, yoghurt and roast rhubarb

With rhubarb coming into season, now is the perfect time to make these tasty buttermilk waffles.

Strawberry stuffed French toast

Strawberry stuffed French Toast | Easy Food

This creamy strawberry-stuffed French toast is pure berry bliss.

Granola with yoghurt and roasted strawberriesGranola with roasted strawberries Easy Food

A quick and easy breakfast roasting the strawberries brings such a lovely twist to this granola.

Brioche smoked salmon eggs Benedict

Brioche smoked salmon eggs benedict Easy Food

Recreate a brunch classic any home, swapping in smoked salmon for an extra elegant touch.

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