Who doesn’t love a good toastie? Warm and gooey, oozing with cheese – the perfect comfort food on a cold day and the easy go-to lunch that never fails to satisfy. We’ve gone one better than the traditional toastie with this collection. These recipes are some of the best you’ll ever eat – we wouldn’t be surprised if you never ate a regular toastie again!

Roasted smoked garlic & mushroom toasties

This scrumptious toastie is bursting with flavour, thanks to the roasted garlic bulbs, buttery sautéed mushrooms cooked in white wine, shallots and thyme – yum!

Roasted smoked garlic and mushroom toasties


The ultimate Gubbeen toastie

Find out why this stunning Irish cheese can completely transform your toastie game!

ultimate guubeen toastie

Balsamic red cabbage and goat’s cheese toastie

The caramelised red cabbage and goat’s cheese are a match made in heaven; try it for yourself and see!

Red cabbage toasties. Easy Food

Cheesy vegetable melts

Nothing but vegetables and cheese to see here folks! A nutritious and delicious way to bulk up your basic cheese toastie.

cheesy vegetable melts


Gruyère and greens toastie with red ale

What better way to enjoy your greens than smashed underneath oozing, melting Gruyère cheese and sandwiched between two slices of lightly fried bread? This decadent dish pairs perfectly with a local red ale.

Gruyere and greens toastie Easy Food

Simply delicious Brie toastie

While it might be simple, this absolute classic of a toastie will have you lining up for seconds; that’s for sure.

Brie toastie on rye

Aubergine parmigiana melts

If you’re craving something a bit more substantial than a cheese toastie, then this Italian rendition is just what you need!

Aubergine parmigiana melts. Easy Foods


Decadent Armagh apple and cheese toasties

Apple butter makes everything better, especially when it comes to croissant sambos – the best breakfast mash-up!

Eat Ireland apple and cheese toastie Easy Food

Croque Monsieur

Bursting with bechamel, this French-inspired creation is the ultimate comfort food fix.


The ultimate patty melts

A cross between a sandwich and a hamburger, this caramelised onion patty melt is sure to impress!

ultimate patty melt

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