Self-isolation means we all have much more time to experiment in the kitchen. But it also means we can try and perfect basic recipes we already know and love.

Here are some back-to-basic recipes perfect for the quarantine.

Banana bread

Probably the best thing to bake while in isolation. It’s easy, it’s tasty, everyone will love it!

Basic vanilla sponge

The blank canvas of cakes. A basic vanilla sponge is filled with lots of creative opportunities. Have fun and use it in whatever way you want to.

Basic chocolate sponge

Everything is better with chocolate — even a basic sponge! You can use it for all kinds of desserts. Go wild!

Basic buttercream icing

A cake isn’t complete without delicious icing. This basic buttercream icing recipe is the perfect base for creative experimentation.

Victoria sponge

This is so easy to bake, but looks so glamorous. Just because we’re in self-isolation doesn’t mean we can’t bake pretty cakes!

Brown scones

The perfect companion for your many cups of tea during this time. Make sure you can perfect this easy recipe.

Simple fruit scones

If you’re tired of regular scones, fruit scones just add that little extra.

Brown bread

You’ll be making lots of toast during this time, so be sure to spoil yourself with delicious bread.