Baking often means sharing delicious creations with people you love, but during self-isolation that can be difficult as we’re all keeping our distance.

Just because you don’t have anyone to eat with you doesn’t mean you have to stop baking! These recipes are perfect for when you’re baking for yourself. You can slightly adjust the ingredients, or keep the rest for later.

Molten lava chocolate mug cake

It’s quick and easy and you’ll have minimal dishes to clean afterwards. A winning combination!

Chocolate covered strawberries

Everyone keeps telling us to eat nutritious foods during self-isolation. Well, what better way to indulge, but still get your fix of vitamin C? Two birds with one stone!

Five-minute banana peanut ice cream

Another recipe to make you feel less guilty. And the best of all is that you can keep some of it for later in the week!

Crunchy quinoa dark chocolate bark

This is an easy, no-bake recipe perfect for when you crave something sweet while working from home.

Individual plum and blackberry crumbles

Individual puddings mean you make just enough for one serving. Great for a Sunday after lunch.