Self isolation might be frustrating, but this time can be used to better yourself and your skills.

These recipes might be some that you always wanted to bake, but never had the time for. Guess what? You have time now! So take on the challenge.

Raspberry and lemon Battenberg

A two-in-one flavoured cake? Sounds unreal, right? This will have your tastebuds dancing  during self isolation.

Cinnamon rolls

Now that many of the shops are closed, you finally have an excuse to attempt baking cinnamon rolls yourself. What are you waiting for?

White sourdough

Did we mention you have time? Use quarantine to bake some real bread all by yourself. You won’t be sorry.

Challah three-strand plait

Not only will this challenge your baking skills but also your plaiting skills — working the tastebuds and the mind!

Sun-dried tomato pesto babka

This is perfect for a nice snack during the day, or a side dish for dinner one night.


Another great treat you can bake yourself instead of waiting for the shops to open.

Pistachio cake

Just because you don’t have actual guests to share a showstopper cake with, doesn’t mean you can’t bake one. By the way, sharing it on Instagram still counts as sharing! Remember to tag @easyfoodmag in your post.