August meal plan week 2


    Keep the month going strong with our second meal plan, which is filled with some more of our favourite recent recipes.

    Tomato and lentil salad

    tomato and lentil saladMeat-free Monday is coming at you strong with this salad and homemade dressing.

    NYC-style street cart chicken and rice

    NYC street cart chickenTake yourself on a mini-holiday to the Big Apple with this fun dish that will at least take your tastebuds away!

    One-pan pasta puttanesca

    one-pan pasta puttanescaThis quick and easy dish is sure to help you get over the mid-week struggle without skimping on the taste.

    Slow cooked tender chorizo meatballs

    slow cooked chorizo meatballsThis filling meal is perfect to leave in the slow cooker during the day to make dinner a bit easier.

    Fish shop wraps

    Fish Shop Wraps Easy FoodThese may not be your everyday fish dish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add chips with it!

    Mushroom tofu vegan quiche

    Mushroom tofu vegan quicheThis traditionally breakfast dish brings a breakfast-for-dinner feel to the weekend, and makes for a perfect breakfast leftover!

    Oreo caramel squares

    Oreo caramel squaresYou just can’t go wrong with chocolate and caramel, especially when Oreo is involved!

    Ravioli lasagne

    Ravioli lasagneThis twist on the classic flavours of lasagne will fill both your body and your soul to end the week.

    Berry swirls

    Berry swirls Easy FoodWhether you eat this as a dessert or save it for breakfast the next morning, these are great any time of day.


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