8 delicious healthy-ish muffin recipes

    Carrot cake muffins_easyfood

    Muffins are such a versatile treat. Whether sweet or savoury, they’re perfect as a quick meal on the go or an easy-to-grab snack when hunger strikes.

    Here are eight delicious muffin recipes to bake at home.

    Cinnamon sultana muffins_easyfood

    Cinnamon sultana muffins

    Easy and delicious, this recipe is everything you want when baking muffins. The cinnamon will have your kitchen smelling fantastic!

    Savoury lunch muffins_easyfood

    Savoury lunch muffins

    One or two of these make a great quick, light lunch while working from home. Bake a batch at the beginning of the week and your lunches are sorted.

    Carrot cake muffins_easyfood

    Carrot cake muffins

    Take your muffins to the next level with this delicious carrot cake recipe. It’s perfect for afternoon tea!

    Banana and courgette breakfast muffins_easyfood

    Banana and courgette breakfast muffins

    Spoil your loved ones with this delicious take on the breakfast muffin. Whoever realised that banana and courgette would go so well together is a genius!

    Veggie muffins with goats cheese_easyfood

    Veggie muffins with goat’s cheese

    Super-delicious and filled with nutritious vegetables for that something extra. You won’t regret baking these.

    Oatmeal blueberry breakfast muffins_easyfood

    Oatmeal and blueberry breakfast muffins

    These don’t only taste great, but they look so good, too!

    Ham and cheese muffins_easyfood

    Ham and cheese muffins

    If you’re tired of the same old ham and cheese sandwich every day, try this twist on an old favourite.

    Vegan berry muffins_easyfood

    Vegan berry muffins

    If you’re following a plant-based diet, these muffins are perfect. If you’re NOT following a plant-based diet, well… they’re still perfect!