Portable and versatile, muffins make a great meal on the go or an easy-to-grab snack when hunger strikes. We’ve pulled together some of our best-ever, mostly healthy muffin recipes for you to bake at home; whether you prefer sweet or savoury, you’re sure to find the muffin for you!

1. Cinnamon sultana muffins

cinnamon sultana healthy muffins Easy Food

Cinnamon fans, rejoice! These easy-to-make muffins will have your kitchen smelling fantastic.


2. Vegan berry muffins

Vegan berry muffins Easy Food

Whether or not you’re following a plant-based diet is irrelevant — these beautiful berry muffins are a real treat either way.


3. Goat’s cheese and spinach muffins

Goats_Cheese_Spinach_Muffins Easy Food

Fans of goat’s cheese will adore these flavour-packed savoury muffins with baby spinach and mixed seeds.


4. Carrot cake muffins

Carrot cake muffins Easy Food

Take your muffins to the next level with this delicious carrot cake recipe. Get the kettle on!


5. Banana and courgette breakfast muffins

Banana and courgette breakfast muffins | Easy Food

Spoil your loved ones with this healthy take on the breakfast muffin, with both fruit and veg included. Whoever would have thought that banana and courgette would go so well together?


6. Oatmeal and blueberry breakfast muffins

Oatmeal and blueberry breakfast muffins

These fruity oat-based muffins make the perfect grab-and-go breakfast.


7. Sun-dried tomato and cheese muffins

Sundried Tomato_Cheese Muffins_

Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean sun with these savoury muffins. Bake a batch at the beginning of the week and your lunches are sorted — just add a simple salad.


8. Banana oat muffins

Banana_Oat_muffins_Easy Food

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Bananas and oats make a powerful combination when it comes to a healthy breakfast, and these simple muffins are no exception.