Our best ever pizza recipes

BLT pizza Easy Food

With all this extra time indoors, there’s never been a better time to perfect the art of making pizza. Revel in the satisfaction of making your own base or just enjoy these tasty topping combinations.

How to make the perfect pizza from scratch

Experience the joy of making the perfect pizza all the way from the dough.

How to make a whole-wheat pizza

For a healthier option, follow this whole-wheat pizza recipe.

Wholewheat pizza Easy Food

Mozzarella, prosciutto and tomato pizza

Keep it simple with this old classic.

Homemade pizza Easy Food

Carbonara pizza

Take your flavour game next level with this carbonara pizza. Carbonara pizza

Breakfast-for-dinner pizza

Who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner?

Breakfast for dinner pizza Easy Food

Quick Margherita pizzas

Enjoy a quick pizza on the fly.

Pulled pork pizza with pineapple

Try something differently satisfying with this pulled pork and pineapple pizza!

Pulled pork pizza with pineapple Easy Food


Pizza bianca with summer vegetables

Love pizza but don’t enjoy that heavy feeling, try this light and summery version instead. Pizza bianca with summer vegetables | Easy Food

BLT pizza

You love the sandwich, now fall in love with the pizza!

BLT pizza Easy Food


Fresh fig, balsamic onion & blue cheese pizza

A surprisingly incredible combination, wow your friends with this fig inspired creation.


Pepperoni pizza

As classic as it gets, but who doesn’t love this old favourite!

Pepperoni pizza Easy Food


Dessert pizza: Chocolate, hazelnut and strawberry pizza

Up until now you probably wouldn’t have considered pizza a dessert food… but try it and see, you’ll love this stunning flavour combination. Strawberry, chocolate, and hazelnut pizza Easy Food