11 healthy comfort foods to soothe your soul

Simple_Roast_Chicken_Over_Veg_Easy Food

Christmas has come and gone, the weather is Baltic and it seems like covid just will not go away. If you’re focusing on lighter options but you’re still in need of comfort food, this is the collection for you: nourishing, flavoursome meals that will keep you healthy, happy and warm.

Cauliflower Bolognese

If you’re trying to eat less meat, this veggie version of Ireland’s much-loved spaghetti Bolognese might be just what you need. Our top tip? This one freezes well, so make double while you’re at it and have a homemade ready meal at hand for later in the month.

Cauliflower_Bolognese Easy Food

Veggie cottage pie

Staying on a veggie buzz, this meat-free cottage pie is sure to satisfy everyone at the table — and we all know there’s nothing more comforting than cheesy mashed potato!

Veggie cottage pie with cheesy champ topping

Bean and veggie gratin

Another option perfect for getting those veggies in is this hearty gratin. Packed with fibre and protein, it’s guaranteed to satisfy — plus, it’s topped with garlic baguette, so you know it’s a winner.

Bean and vegetable gratin Easy Food

Healthy chicken tikka masala

The cold weather often makes us crave something spicy, yet creamy, and this lighter version of the classic chicken tikka masala does the trick every time. Who needs the takeaway?!

Healthy chicken tikka masala Easy Food

Thai fish curry

Another delicious fakeaway favourite, this spicy and sour Thai fish curry is light and fresh, but big on flavour, and will definitely warm you up from the inside!

Thai fish curry Easy Food

Chilli con carne

Chilli con carne is one of our favourite comfort foods, especially since we can mix up the sides depending on our mood: rice, baked potatoes, chips, wedges, taco shells or tortilla wraps all do a great job. Try our best basic chilli recipe or try a spin on the classic with our three tasty ways to pimp out your chilli.

Basic_Chilli con carne Easy Food

Mediterranean prawn stew

If you’re looking for a taste of sunshine — something to transport you to the Mediterranean and make you forget how cold it is out there — this so-healthy, so-simple prawn stew might be the answer. It’s ready in 20 minutes, too!

Mediterranean prawn stew | Easy Food

Tomato fish pie

A classic creamy fish pie is ultimate comfort food. However, if you’re not feelin’ the cream right now, never fear — this clever twist uses a lighter tomato-based sauce to create a pie that’s just as delicious, but a little bit lighter.
Tomato fish pie Easy Food

Simple roast chicken with root veg

Another spin on a traditional meal, this roast chicken recipe includes plenty of in-season root veg for a well-rounded dinner that’ll feed the whole family. The chicken is roasted over the vegetables, giving them plenty of extra flavour while cutting down on your washing up.Simple_Roast_Chicken_Over_Veg_Easy Food

Tuscan white bean and kale minestrone

Another perfect dish for those times when you just need a big, steaming bowl of goodness, this Tuscan bean and kale stew makes a great lunch, or add some good bread to make it dinner that’s light, yet filling.

Tuscan white bean and kale minestrone

Noodle soup

A rich noodle-filled broth is a classic comfort food for a reason. Whether it’s a traditional chicken noodle soup, a filling bowl of ramen, a vegetarian twist on Vietnamese pho or this fiery Thai broth designed to help you shake that cold, there’s a noodle soup with your name on it. If you have a chicken carcass left from that roast dinner, we highly recommend you use it to make this Vietnamese chicken noodle soup — you won’t be sorry.

Vietnamese soup Easy Food

What’s your go-to healthy comfort food? Tag us in your creations on social media @easyfoodmag — we love to see what you’re cooking!