It’s the end of the month so we put together some delicious, budget-friendly meals that will get you through to pay day.

Monday: Sweet potato fajitas

Start the week meat-free with these fiery sweet potato fajitas.

Tuesday: Peanut chicken noodle stir fry

This is a super quick and easy, budget-friendly peanut chicken noodle stir-fry. This delicious meal is only 5 ingredients!

Wednesday: Turkey meatball traybake

This is a super handy mid-week meal that all the family will love.

Thursday: Pan-roasted Mediterranean hake

Enjoy a taste of the sea with this delicious pan-roasted Mediterranean hake.

Friday: Creamy chickpea pasta

This creamy chickpea pasta is sure to fill any needs for comfort food in your menu.

Saturday: Quick chilli garlic noodles

In a pinch for a dinner? Our chilli garlic noodles are made with store cupboard staples, perfect mid-week meal.

Sunday: Tandoori lamb chops

Add a little spice this week with this delicious tandoori lamb chops served with naan bread, salad and mango chutney.

Dessert: Brownie mousse sundae

Need a treat after a long week? Have an indulgent dessert this week with this multi-layer brownie mousse sundae.