Guinness recipes we’re sure Dad will love this Father’s Day

    Guinness opener

    If your Da is a fan of an aul pint of plain, he’s going to love this entirely Guinness-based menu for Father’s Day! From meaty mains to decadent desserts, we’ve got all the recipes a Guinness lover could ask for. Plus, there’s nothing here that says it’s limited to Father’s Day! These recipes can be enjoyed by anyone at any time — so get that glass at the perfect 45˚ angle and settle in for the smoothest menu yet!

    Guinness short ribs

    Guinness short ribs.  Fork-tender beef is stewed and served atop a pile of buttery mash. Make your own creamy mashed potatoes with our recipe here!

    Turkey burgers with Guinness caramelised onions and Brie

    Guinness turkey and brie burgerMake double or triple the batch of caramelised onions and enjoy them on beef burgers, in cheese toasties and other sandwiches, on pizzas, over roast vegetables, stirred through scrambled eggs or served with a cheeseboard.

    Guinness and cheese scones

    Guinness and cheese sconesThese cheesy bites are sure to be a fave of Dad and any other Guinness fans!

    Guinness rarebit

    Guinness rarebitIdeal for a Father’s Day brunch, you can make this recipe suitable for vegetarians by swapping the Worectershire sauce for soy sauce.

    Guinness brownies

    Guinness browniesTop these brownies with ice cream for the perfect picnic or barbecue treat.

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